Auto Repair Tampa Customer Testimonials Page Picture“I recommend José’s Auto Center, José Sánchez and family with all his personnel. Everyone who owns a car will love it. You and your car will be treated with responsibility and efficiency. José is dedicated and quality is first.”

– Rev. Mike Hernandez


“Jose is a trustworthy mechanic who always does a great job at a low price. I go to him whenever I can because I know he will do good work and save me money.”

– Danielle Wales


“…Jose has literally saved me thousands of dollars. I had a simple oil change done on my vehicle at (company name removed) and they stripped the bolt to my oil pan. While deployed, my wife brought the car to a dealership. They said the oil pan was discontinued and told her that it would cost more ($3000-$4000) than the car was worth and she should therefore buy a new vehicle. She brought the car to Jose’s and he fixed it for under $800. A year later I was having problems with my vehicle again. I once again took my car to a dealership and was told to buy a new car and that the work would cost $3000+. Brought the car back to Jose and told him I thought the dealership was ripping me off. Jose fixed my car for $850… bring your car to Jose and you’ll find out for yourself that he’s the best and most trustworthy mechanic in all of Tampa.”

– Hugh Corbett